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Some of the Benefits of Aromatherapy and AromatheraPlay ® include its ability to reduce anxiety, increase creativity, ease depression, boost energy, speed up the healing process, eliminate headaches, boost cognitive performance, induce sleep and more!

Benefits of Aroma Dough®  Shop Now 

Kids love Aroma Dough® and Clean Dough™ and can spend hours feeling it, rolling it, smelling it and shaping it. Apart from the fun that’s had, just what are the benefits of playing with our product? You’ll be pleased to hear that playing with our products is not only good for your child’s fine motor development and hand-eye coordination but boosts creativity and soothes anxieties. (Yeah! What mother doesn’t want to hear that!)

Fin motor skill
Fine Motor Skill Development:

All that squeezing and squashing of Aroma Dough® or Clean Dough™ is a great way to strengthen the muscles in your child’s hands and fingers. Developing your child’s fine motor skills is extremely important at an early age because it is will be needed later for other activities such as gripping a pencil and eventually, writing.

Hand Eyes Coordination
 Hand-Eye Coordination:

Another benefit of Aroma Dough ® and Clean Dough™ is that it can improve your toddlers’ hand-eye coordination. Transforming the dough into exactly what they want it to look like takes quite a bit of practice; when they’re starting out, you can expect to be teaching them very simple ideas such as how to roll balls, rolling it out into a long snake and even shaping letters.

Creativity and Imagination
 Creativity and Imagination:

Thinking up what shapes for kids to make involves inspiration and imagination; the possibilities are endless and your kids will love making everything from butterflies, to animals with their balls of Aroma Dough® play dough.

Sensory, Calming & Therapeutic Play
 Sensory, Calming Therapeutic Play:

One of the best things about Aroma Dough ® is that by stimulating their sense of smell with our natural aromas, it is encouraging them to learn. Our product can work as a “stress” ball for kids who have extra energy, feeling tense, toddler two temper tantrums, improve focus and concentration.

Color Therapy
Color Therapy:

Besides all of the above, Aroma Dough helps teach colors, primary and secondary to toddlers and preschoolers. Easily teach the color wheel to your child starting with our Primary Colors, red, yellow blue and mix two of them together to teach them how to make the secondary colors! It’s fun to make a Aroma Dough Color Wheel and teach color and experience color therapy through play!


Our proprietary and All Natural Aromas provide olfactory and visual sensation and development in toddlers and preschoolers. Aroma Dough and Clean Dough are ideal for kids with autism as per Margaret Hyde, a leading authority expert on aromatherapy who states that "aromatherapy enables kids to remain calm and keep their body coordinated when feelings of anxiety begin to win them over."

Safe Learn through Play
Safe Learn through Play:

For a child who is on a gluten free diet and has a tendency to taste all that s/he plays with, Aroma Dough's Gluten-Free Play dough is an ideal solution as it safe for consumption although not intended to be consumed or eaten, it is made out of all food products with NO artificial preservatives !