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Schools, Preschools and Day Care Centers Love our gluten free playdough.  Aroma Dough® is perfect for sensory development, hand eye coordination and teaching the color wheels.  Mix the primaries and voila! You’ve taught the secondary colors.  For your extra sensitive students Clean Dough ™ is 100% plant-based colors. Increase your students fine motor skills with rolling out the alphabet or setting up a “Guess the Scent” station encouraging their sense of smell and memory. Classroom size 5-pound buckets with an easy to grasp handle make organizing your dough stations quick and easy!  All of our Premium Aromas are formulated to be natural and vegan and Non-GMO. Whether Food Grade (in case you have a nibbler in class) to our 100% essential oil blends for aromatherapy benefits or try the unscented to add your own essential oils if you wish!

Handmade in the USA our gluten free modeling dough is crafted with care and thought, and we use the best natural ingredients nature has to offer for teachers’ peace of mind.   For  Accredited School Purchase Orders please email to: aromadoughfactory@gmail.com including purchase Order Number and billing information

  • ORIGINAL 5-Pack Aroma Dough

    ORIGINAL 5-Pack Aroma Dough

  • ESSENTIAL SCENTS 5-Pack Playdough (Gluten-Free)

    ESSENTIAL SCENTS 5-Pack Playdough (Gluten-Free)

  • Free Doodle Coloring Book from Aroma Dough Gluten-Free Playdough

    Free Doodle Coloring Book from Aroma Dough Gluten-Free ...

  • Aroma Dough Therapy Dough Germ Fighter

    GERM FIGHTER Therapy Dough with Natural Anti-Bacterial ...