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Products | Types of Modeling Dough

At Aroma Dough, we have different types of modeling dough for sale! It’s great for both kids and adults, with wheat-free fresh and hypoallergenic features that make our dough safe for play, parties, and classrooms.

We always make our products with you and your family in mind. Our modeling dough is vegan, gluten-free, and and while we don’t recommend eating it, it’s non-toxic and safe for kids three years and older. 

If you are wondering where to buy modeling clay, here are some of the great products you can find on our site:

Aroma Dough (Original Formula)

We think "Natural Scents Makes Good Sense!"

Naturally scented with food safe natural aromas, our aroma modeling dough encourages rest and relaxation while also helping relieve stress and anxiety. but also being safe for little ones as its made with all food safe ingredients and natural aromas.


“Knead” some help with mindfulness? Our therapy putty for sale is designed to bring you back into the moment with powerful essential oils scent blends that help you squeeze away your stress packed with Essential Oils for health benefits and stress relief. Great for kids sensory exploration.


This completely non-toxic modeling dough  and Big 8 Allergen Free is made with kid safe ingredients is unscented for those sensitive kids!

Themed Packs

Celebrate the occasion with our line of themed modeling dough that’s fun for the whole family! From Christmas and Easter to Valentine’s Day and Back-to-School, our themed packs are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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