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CLEAN DOUGH™-- Plant Based Modeling Dough

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Our UnScented Clean Dough™ is a completely non-toxic modeling dough made with 100% plant-based colors straight from the garden. We use plants like beets and carrots to bring our all-natural modeling dough to life and no added aromas, making it a great product for children (and adults!) with scent sensitivities like allergies or gluten or dairy intolerance. We also make a color-free version. You get peace of mind, and your child gets an allergy-safe modeling dough that sparks their imagination and promotes sensory play. That’s the Clean Dough™ difference.

Clean Dough™ is perfect for the sensitive child in your life, or for parents who want an alternative to approved food colorings in their kids’ modeling dough. Clean Dough™ is an unscented modeling dough that’s totally free of artificial dyes, so it’s safe to handle -- and even consume.

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Our Clean Dough™ comes in 5.3-ounce containers perfect for birthday party treats, as well as school-sized 5 lb. buckets. It can be used again and again or baked to dry your kiddo’s masterpiece for years to come. Want to add a scent? Simply apply a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a fun DIY project. We’re confident that Clean Dough™ is the only all-natural, plant-based modeling dough you’ll ever “knead”!

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