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Aroma Dough AromaTherapy Dough

What’s Aroma DoughTherapy Dough®?  It’s the Original Squeezable ball of stress relief! Made with 100% Therapeutic Grade Natural Essential Aromatherapy Oils to squeeze your stress away, quieting the mind and refreshing the soul.  Do you (or your kids) “Knead” a little mood-boosting, mind calming or focusing? As few as three deep breaths after kneading the dough can be enough to get you out of your moody pants!  Ahhh! That’s nice!  It also acts as a hand-strengthening tool for hand muscles no matter what your age.  And it’s fun and fidget friendly! Convenient too!  Store one in your purse; toss one in a backpack, perfect for car & plane travels!  No Diffuser needed – just Squeeze, Knead, Breathe™ and Relax!

Whether you’re 3 or 103 Aroma Dough® is the only ball of stress relief you’ll “knead”!

  • Aroma Dough

    CHRISTMAS TREE Aroma Dough 8 ounce Continer

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    Therapy Dough - HAPPY

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    Therapy Dough - FOCUS

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    Aroma Dough® (Therapy Dough) - JOY

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