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Have you heard of aromatherapy for school? Ease the family back into the new school year routines with Aroma Dough® Therapy Dough and therapeutic grade Back to School scents with essential oils infused modeling dough to help with Calm Mind, Focus (great for ADHD), Creativity, Energy and Relax each formulated by a aromathrapist to bring the benefits of aromatherapy to back to school!

The few days nearing the first day of school is not the time for significant adjustments to sleep schedules. Ease back into daily sleep ritual routines, preparing your kiddos for that first day back, ensuring restful sleep the nights before. Starting a bedtime routine at least two weeks before the first day of school where you re-introduce a school year bedtime is considered good practice. Aroma Dough's Sleepytime Lavender or Relax can promote calmness and relaxation before bedtime to help your child get back into a nightly bedtime routine.

Do you read to your child as part of a nightly bedtime routine? During a read-aloud before bed allows the perfect opportunity for your child to relax and calm the mind while kneading Sleepytime Modeling Dough Lavender right in their little hands along with the story. Before you know it, they will be drifting off into a peaceful slumber in no time! For older kiddos, may we suggest kneading Relax Therapy Dough with a chapter book at bedtime to promote the rest and rejuvenation we know tweens and teenagers always need!

Lavender Modeling dough

Getting your kiddos to focus from summer fun and recreation to the coming days of test preparation, homework, school activities, and the like can be a tricky task for any parent. Ease back into the school year schedule by planning structured activities that might mimic what occurs during the school year at least a few weeks before the first day of school. Aroma Dough Therapy Dough Focus and Clearly Creative are great tools to help refocus your child from summer play to the coming days of academics. 

Have you taken a moment to brainstorm all the adventurous and fun-filled family moments spent so far from the summer? Pass Focus around to hold while each family member "kneads" out some ideas in a brainstorming session. Take it a step further and choose the concept that best reflects a favorite family moment of the summer and then write about it as a journal entry or story to share upon completion. With Focus, your kiddos will be kneading out story ideas for days upon days leading to the new school year!

Does your child have ADHD or prefer more physical type learning activities? Some children are more tactile learners where they regularly like to have something in their hand while learning. Help your child sustain focus and attention with the use of Focus. Holding and kneading the dough while completing academic activities that require sitting for more extended periods, or paper and pencil tasks can offer a world of difference for these types of learners. For kiddos getting ready for kindergarten, you can have them build letters with the dough while saying the sound of the letters out loud.

The days leading to the first day of school can cause a bit of anxiousness for any child. Let's be real here, for us parents too! Bring ease to mind for those first day jitters with Calm Mind. Combine Calm Mind dough with a 5-4-3-2-1 sense grounding activity to soothe away those anxieties before the big opening day begins. The following grounding activity works well in the car and can be an effective way to combat those first day jitters on route to start the first day of school!

  • To begin, remind your child to take deep breaths. Then, ask your child to look around and say aloud five objects they can see.
  • Next, ask your child to point out four things they can either feel or touch directly around them.
  • Next, ask your child to say aloud three sounds they can hear, and then followed by saying two scents they can smell. It may be the therapeutic smells associated with Calm Mind they point out.
  • Finally, ask your child to talk about one thing they can taste. It might be, for instance, the pancakes or cereal they had prior for breakfast, or perhaps a mint in the car. Let the aroma of Calm Mind help to ease your stress and worries at any time during the day! 

Calm Mind Therapy Dough can be used as a stress ball in combination with some grounding activities to promote overall calming energy to the wellbeing of adults too. Kneading Calm Mind while listening to music can help to refocus the mind to a more relaxed state and is also great for senior to aid in physical therapy for sore tired muscles. Take your meditation zone to the next level by imagining your perfect dream vacation spot and squeezing all the tension of your day while even strengthening hand muscles. 

Finally, warm up those brain muscles for complex problem solving and critical thinking with Super Smart. Aroma Dough® We know it is essential to get those gears turning and warmed up when it comes to the critical thinking part of the brain. Warm-up for back to school problem solving with some daily puzzles and Super Smart in the mornings leading up to the start of the first day. You can even integrate with your back to school scheduling with some tablet or smartphone time and Super Smart. Have your child visit on online educational site and knead away with Super Smart while solving brain teasers or rebus puzzles. Combine any of the Therapy Dough's while watching documentaries about space or your child's favorite inventor. Then, have your child brainstorm some questions they would ask an astronaut or ideas of their own for a new invention!

The new school year approaches soon. Help prepare your kiddos for that fabulous first day back with essential oils back to school line of Aroma Dough® AromatheraPlay® can be integrated with any of their products. Ingredients combine 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and free of all the top allergens of gluten, soy, and nuts, also free of dairy, eggs, casein, and petroleum. AromatheraPlay® can be done at any age from 3 to 100 and suited to your therapeutic scent need of their product line. 

Aromatherapy for school? Absolutely! We wish you the very best preparing for the upcoming school year while getting your routines in tip-top shape. 

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