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How to Start a nightly ritual to promote good sleep in kids:


Getting the little ones to bed can be the best part of the day or one of the most challenging parts of your night! A consistent routine can let the family know what to expect, and when. When bedtime is an extension of playtime, it makes the transition easier on everyone.

What kind of playtime is good for bed? We are thinking more of Sleepytime Aroma Dough, than the energizing kind of playtime like running or sports. Those are better saved for when the sun shines. At nighttime, everyone is ready to wind down and get some rest in order to begin again the next morning.

First, let your child know there is a routine in action. When they know what to expect through habit, they’ll be ready to cooperate without yells or tears. Bedtime can be fun when it brings a new set of experiences! For example, maybe there is a certain book that is read only at night before bed. Reading together can foster a sweet, sleepy time bond and promote safety.

Or try our 1,2,3 Method of helping your kids wind down and get ready for bed:

  • Lavender Essential Oil Bath
  • After Bath, try 20 minutes of kneading with Aroma Dough Sleeptytime Modeling Dough which is infused with therapeutic essential oils of Lavender & Jasmine to help promote sleep.
  • A tuck in to bed and a favorite Night Time Story to ease your little ones off to sweet slumper.

Make bedtime more fun by adding in Aroma Dough to this routine and keeping the Sleepytime scent just for night time which will give your child something to look forward to.  At night, it can be Sleepytime’s time to shine.  Try one of the other Therapy Doughs for daytime.

Children can learn that bedtime isn’t so different from playtime. The key with starting a nightly ritual to promote good sleep in kids is to keep your routine regular. Find what works, and stay with it. This will help your child know what to expect as day turns to night—with fewer fights!

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