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Gluten-Free Playdough Delivered Straight to your Door

We hand-make the freshest, soothing gluten-free playdough and therapy dough, infused with natural oils and free of artificial preservatives delivered straight to your door! Original Aroma Dough is a specially formulated, all-natural essential oil playdough that’s kid-friendly and hypo-allergenic. As a U.S. Certified Small Batch Manufacture we use 100% food-safe ingredients and all products are wheat free keeping your kids safe during sensory clay play all with inherent benefits.

It’s play done right, with less stress for mom and dad and an innovative way to get more calm in your day. Recommended for children over Three years of age.

Which dough is right for you? Click here for a quick breakdown of our Aroma Dough, Clean Dough and Therapy Dough, and choose the dough that meets your needs (and the needs of your little ones!).

Find Your Calm With Therapy Dough

We all know our little kids turn into big kids, so we’ve made a Therapy Dough for when you “knead” a moment of mindfulness. Actually, we call it AromatheraPlay because inside every big kid is a little kid waiting to be set free! Our therapeutic playdough is non-GMO and made with essential oils, many with known health benefits. Time for mom, dad and the kids to put down the iPad, pick up a squeezable ball of smellable good fun and make memories with Aroma Dough®.


The Benefits of Aromatherapy Playdough

Aromatherapy playdough ignites the senses to provide a more fulfilling -- and relaxing -- sensory experience. Did you know that your sense of smell is intricately tied to your memories and emotions? Just think of how aromas can transport you to a lush forest, grandma’s baking or your childhood playground after a morning rain. Our natural AromatheraPlay® Dough product line is scented with natural essential oil blends and is made with 100% food grade ingredients. It’s even safe for little ones if they want to take a nibble (but they certainly don’t taste yummy!).

Just “Knead, Squeeze, Breathe” and Aroma Dough® will transport your mind, memory and spirit.

Parents love our products because


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